Cryptocode offers services of design and construction of mining data-centers. Specialists of the company will find a suitable premise, assist you in choosing the most profitable equipment, offer options for equipping and repairing the premises to create perfect mining conditions.

The services offered by Cryptocode are aimed at technology companies, mining farms, cloud projects, and individual miners. The company also offers a full range of services from maintenance and repair of mining equipment to private chain maintenance.

Advantages of cooperation with our company include availability of a professional team, own mining capacities and equipment, data centers in operation, knowledge, developed technologies and detailed strategies.


Cryptocode has built 3 data-centers using the latest engineering developments. Our specialists will competently design your mining farm to ensure the most efficient operation. Accurate arrangement of cabinets for placing mining equipment, ventilation lines and wiring require experience and skills in order to ensure successful and profitable mining.


We offer services of hosting your equipment in professional data centers of Cryptocode on favorable terms with full technical support of our specialists for the entire posting period.

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